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Does your dog pull on leash? Does he get excited when guests stop by? Does he bolt out of the door?
Using a holistic approach, we strive to assist owners and dogs with behavioral issues and obedience training.
Our trainers focus on the whole health of the dog, both physical and mental.
Positive methods coupled with structure and love allow us to help your dog grow as a member of your family.

Multiple Training Options


Our goal is to make dog training as simple, effective, and accessible to our clients as possible. To achieve that, we offer private lessons on location and in the client’s home, boarding and training in the trainer’s home, and group lessons in public areas. Boarding is also available in the trainer’s home and our on-site veterinary technician can dispense any necessary medication. We work with all breeds and all temperaments, and offer a free consultation/evaluation in the client’s home.

Private Training

Board and Train

Group Lessons

Dog Boarding

Our Clients Love Us!

"This business clearly knows how to treat their human and K9 customers alike with respect and integrity. I recommend ATX K9 to everyone I know with a dog."
"I decided to sign my seven month old puppy for two week board and train program with ATX K9 and it was one of the best decisions I could have made. Bleu gets compliments everywhere we go on how well behaved he is. My puppy was very very stubborn and with ATX K9's help, he listen's to me now. My puppy no longer bites and will sit on his bed while I eat until he is released, which I found to be incredibly impressive for such a young dog. I highly recommend ATX K9. Ashley and Steven genuinely want to help people train their dogs and will show you how to correct your dog's behaviors in a way that will only strengthen the relationship between the owner and dog. THANK YOU ATX K9!"
"If you want good dog training by really good people, check them out."  
"My neighbors can't believe what a well-behaved pup I have! I'm thrilled."
"I make the drive all the way from San Antonio because I know they love animals and my dogs are well taken care of."
"I've seen them turn around an aggressive dog inside a week, while bringing out the best in a shy dog. No matter what the temperament, they can handle it!"
"Being a co-founder of a small local rescue I can honestly say that ATX K9 has been an intricate part of our being able to allow previously deemed 'un-adoptable' dogs to become well adjusted, confident and ultimately adopted."
"It would be an understatement to say have helped me tremendously to understand and care for my dog. With their help, I now have a polite, happy and well-trained dog. Also, I feel more knowledgable and confident about my dogs needs."
"Reece is constantly getting complimented on how well behaved she is. We can have visitors come over. To this day I'm still in shock sometimes. I look at her and can't believe how much she learned in such a short amount of time Steven and Ashley really are amazing. I can't thank them enough."
"I am one of those super picky moms. My children don't stay with just anyone and neither do my dogs. The fact that I feel comfortable enough with Ashley and Steven to leave my dogs with them without a second thought speaks volumes.... I will continue using ATX K9 for all of my boarding and training needs! :)"
"If you are truly committed to your dog and want to have a great relationship with it for a number of years, you won't find a better investment than ATX K9."
"She spent a week with Ashley and came back a changed puppy. She was still loving and had that puppy enthusiasm; however, she understood and obeyed commands such as place, off, and sit with one set of instructions."
"After the three lessons, Otis had made dramatic strides. Among many other things, he can recall off leash in distracting environments, he can sit on his "place" for long periods until I call him off, and he just seems much more attentive toward what I want him to do. Most importantly, his fear is going away as his confidence is growing."
"Now I can enjoy my dog much more then I did before."
"Out of all of my dogs that I have had, she is the most well behaved and mannered, thanks to ATX K9."
"I don't have a shred of doubt that ATX K9 runs their business with the utmost attention to safety and care of your pet. I am so incredibly relieved to know that when I leave my dog with them for boarding, he will be safe, loved and cared for just as if he was at home with me. ... When I return home from my travels my dog is super happy to see me, exhausted from all the fun he has had while I was away and often times sharper with his commands than when I left him! That in itself is priceless."
"The team at ATX K9 is AWESOME!!!! I am a foster with the Bastrop Animal Shelter and have done Doggie Boot Camp with my fosters. Her two week program is intense and works wonders. Regardless if you're interested in home visits or boot camp training - the care, compassion and individualized attention that ATX K9 provides is unmatched by anyone else in the area. This team of professionals is whom I choose to work with each and every time. Don't think twice - make the call...... you won't regret it!!!!"
"Our dog Lucy just returned from a 2 week board and train and is doing great! She's learned so much while staying with Ashley and Steven. We now have the tools to keep her behavior better under control and have a less chaotic household. Thank you!!!"
"You can tell that they know what they are doing and love the animals they work with."
"Maggie learned so much during those two weeks. Even after the training, they will check in to see how everything is going and see if you have any questions."
"Great trainers! Did an excellent job with my mixed shelter dog. They really show that they care about the animals and the owners. Highly recommend!"
"These guys are great!!! Our dog is so good now... She changed since the first training session. They have showed us very useful tricks and commands and we are really happy with them!!"
"Why ATX K9 stands out: Their ability to really get to know the dogs, the owners needs/expectations for the training, and make tangible progress during the training as well as arm you for things you can do to continue to work with your dog once he returns. They have always made themselves available for questions that arise in day-to-day life with Zoe even when she’s home with me (e.g. ‘what do I do in this situation if she’s behaving this way?’) and to ensure you feel confident working with the tools they give you."
"I placed him in their care for 2 weeks for a full board and train and he came back like an adult with so much more maturity and understanding of commands and tasks."
"Ashley from ATX K9 came out to my house and worked with me and my two Morkies for an hour and the change in my dogs was INCREDIBLE! My biggest problem with them was their barking and charging the front door anytime someone knocked or rang the doorbell. Within minutes, she had both dogs running to their "place" instead of the front door when someone arrived."
"Kiya had a blast! Thanks for your TLC!!!"
"I choose ATX K9 whenever I need boarding for my boy since I know how well they take after the animals and care for them. They even come back with a little extra training reinforcement. I highly recommend ATX K9."
"My pups absolutely love going to visit! They get to do socialization with other dogs, outside play time and individual kennels giving them a safe, quiet space to sleep and relax. They take such great care of my dogs that I don't worry one bit from the time I drop them off until I pick them up. I always know they are in very capable hands."
"We have sent several of our dogs to Ashley for many difference reasons. Sometimes they just needed extensive socialization, and others needed more intensive work on their interaction with new people and other dogs. We have been very pleased with every outcome and each of the dogs found great forever homes as the result of the rehabilitation and training they received from ATX K9. We are very thankful to have such an amazing resource for our foster dogs."
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  • Ashley Perez
      Ashley PerezOwner, Trainer

      Despite having never owned a dog as a child, Ashley’s passion for canines is extreme. Ashley focuses on advanced obedience and competes with her dogs in multiple sports including AKC Hunt Tests, Disc Dogs, and Dock Diving. Ashley and her dog Caira are World Championship Qualifiers for Skyhoundz Disc Dogs.

    • Steven Garza
        Steven GarzaOwner, Trainer

        Steven’s passion for dogs started at a young age after getting a job at a veterinary hospital. His experience as a veterinary technician taught him about the biological side of dogs, but left much to be discovered about the behavioral side of dogs. Steven enjoys working with all dogs but has a special way with dogs with reactivity and aggression issues. He competes with his dogs in AKC Hunt Tests and Dock Diving.

      • Remy
          RemyTraining Assistant

          Remington, or “Remy”, is a Golden Retriever with a personality the size of Texas. Remy often assists with training by interacting with other dogs and serving as a distraction during training exercises. Remy’s main focus is on educating puppies, and he enjoys playing with them while showing them how to act appropriately.

        • Caira
            CairaTraining Assistant

            Caira is a Belgian Malinois who is absolutely fearless. She does everything 110% and has seemingly endless energy. Caira is very motherly and a strong leader. Due to these traits, she is often used in evaluating dogs with behavior issues and training puppies and rambunctious dogs to behave appropriately. Caira is a World Championship Qualifying dog for the Skyhoundz Disc Dogs competition.

          • Allison Perez
              Allison PerezTrainer

              Allison’s love for dogs didn’t truly begin until she got her first pup, Luna. Always more of a “cat person”, she had never really experienced the love and devotion that a dog has for their owners (I mean, cats love us too, but…. it’s not the same!). She immediately started working on training skills and learned along side her new best friend. Now a skilled trainer, Allison works along side the team to teach dogs how to be well mannered family members.


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