Should I do a board and train or private lessons?
During the phone consultation, we will discuss the pros and cons of each option with you. However, the general recommendation is to reflect on the amount of time that you have available for training your dog. If you feel confident that you can accommodate 20-30 minutes per day of “homework”, then private lessons may work well for you. If you feel that your schedule is too busy to accommodate “homework”, then a board and train is likely the best choice for you and your dog.
What vaccine requirements do you have for boarding/board and train?
We require that all dogs be current on their annual vaccines to participate in boarding or any board and train program. Dogs must also be in good health and must not have any communicable illnesses (including but not limited to sarcoptic mange and kennel cough). Exceptions are ONLY made with a letter from your veterinarian. Required vaccines include: Rabies, Distemper/Parvovirus vaccine (DHLPP, DA2PP), and Bordetella.
Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered before starting training?
No, your dog does not have to be spayed or neutered to participate in private lessons, boarding, or boarding and training. We do however ask that you notify us if your pup is in season or may be coming into season, and that board and trains be scheduled around your female’s season if possible. If your female comes into season while boarding with us, there will be a $5/day additional charge for the extra care and cleaning necessary.
What do I need to bring when my dog comes to boarding/board and train?
We ask that all boarding/board and train dogs bring their own food. This ensures that your dog’s stomach does not get upset upon arriving in our home or when returning to yours. You are welcome to send bedding and chew toys for your dog’s crate, but we do not guarantee that they will return in the same condition as which they are sent. Please do not send any stuffed toys. We kindly ask that you not send any sentimental items with your dog.
Will you accommodate my dog's diet during boarding/board and train?
We do accommodate all diets, including raw diets. If your dog is on a raw diet, please pre-package his daily meals and freeze them. We have large freezer to store his food and will thaw his meals daily.
Will you dispense my dog's medication during boarding/board and train?
We have a veterinary technician on staff who will dispense your dog’s medication daily. We do accommodate diabetic dogs and dogs with special needs.
Do you train aggressive dogs?
Absolutely! We work with dogs of all temperaments including dog-reactive, dog-aggressive, human-reactive, and human-aggressive dogs. If your dog displays reactive or aggressive behavior, he may be asked to wear a muzzle at times during training.
What breeds/ages are accepted?
We work with all breeds and ages. We do not discriminate based on breed and enjoy working with all breeds.
What is a typical day like for my dog during a board and train?
7:00-9:00 am: Morning potty breaks, playtime, and feeding —- 9:00-10:00am: Morning walk —- 10:00am-12:00pm: Playtime and short training sessions —- 12:00pm-6:00pm: Training around the house, at parks, and field trips —- 6:00pm-10:00pm: Playtime, feeding, and short training sessions —- 10:00pm: Bedtime
What methods do you use to train my dog?
Our methods depend on the individual dog. The short answer to this is that we strive to make training extremely fun for the dog while still training dogs to be reliable and obedient. We teach our dogs to do their commands in any environment. The dogs trained by ATX K9 are treated with the upmost care and attention, and are happy, healthy dogs at the end of training. We are “balanced trainers”, meaning that we believe that dogs must certainly hear that they are doing things correctly (and often!), but they must also be made aware when they are acting inappropriately. We use multiple tools in training including remote collars.
What is your guarantee on training?
We work with young puppies who are just starting on their life journeys and dogs that are highly aggressive and who have bit multiple people. Because of this, our results will vary based on the needs and temperament of the dog. During private lessons much of the dog’s progress is dependent on the owner. We guarantee that we will give you the skills to train your dog as outlined in the chosen package. With a board and train the dog’s progress is dependent on the trainers at ATX K9. We guarantee that your dog will display knowledge of his commands as outlined in the chosen package upon returning home to you. After your dog returns home, you will be responsible for following through with training (we teach you how) and contacting us with any questions. Above all, our goal is client satisfaction and care of the dogs that we work with. We will always assist a client who is putting in the necessary work with their dog.
What products do you recommend?