Dog Obedience Training Austin TX

Are your dogs driving you nuts with their bad manners?
Are you willing to put in 20-30 minutes worth of training per day?
Private lessons are a great way to bond with your dog while teaching him new skills and manners!
  • 3 Private Lessons
    • In YOUR Home
    • 5 Focus Commands
      • Sit, Down, Come, Place, Loose-Leash Walking
    • FREE Client Group Classes for 6 Months
    • All Necessary Training Equipment
    • Client Support for Duration of Training
      • Call, Text, Email, Skype
  • 5 Private Lessons
    Barton Creek
    • In YOUR Home and on Location
    • 7 Focus Commands
      • Sit & Stay, Down & Stay, Come, Place, Heel
    • FREE Client Group Classes for 1 Year
    • All Necessary Training Equipment
    • Client Support for 1 Year
      • Call, Text, Email, Skype
Our private lessons packages are set up to encourage success with your pup. A trainer visits your home once per week for an hour to assist you with problem behaviors and teach you how to train your canine to act appropriately. The trainer leaves you with a set of skills and exercises that you work on during the week. With only 20-30 minutes per day of ‘homework’, you will see success in a short matter of weeks! The private lesson packages include any equipment necessary for training (new collars, leashes, clickers, treats, dog beds, etc.) and lifetime client support! Trainers are available during the week by phone, text, email, and skype. Private lessons are scheduled on your time and in the environment that you prefer to work in. We typically meet with clients in their own homes or at area parks. Our lessons start mid-morning and end late in the evening, providing flexibility for working dog parents. During the private lessons, our trainers will work with you on multiple obedience skills including sit, down, come, leave-it, and heel. If your dog is having behavioral issues, our trainers will focus on helping you and your dog communicate and solve any problems that you may be having. Our trainers involve themselves and their dogs in the private lessons, allowing dogs to learn to focus around distractions.